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Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch, LCSW

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Authenticity, integrity, and sincerity are keystones of my psychotherapy and counseling practice. I strive to help people explore more about themselves and find truths about who they are, where they have been, and where they could go. My enthusiasm for Judaism and Jewish academic study informs and enhances my interaction with my clients, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

My practice focus is on relationships. My specialties include:

  • Marriage counseling and enhancement
  • Improving couple and family connections
  • Wealth and relationship psychotherapy
  • Marriage crisis intervention
  • Overcoming infidelity
  • Targeting pornography and its relational impact
  • Dating coaching
  • Ameliorating social and general anxiety
  • Addressing relationship-oriented and general depression
  • Deepening the self relationship
  • Understanding sexual and relationship complications

My Approach to Therapy

“How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb?”

“One…but the light bulb has to really want to change!”

Cute…but not really a portrayal of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a dynamic exploration of who a person is. Like life, therapy is not only about the destination, but about the journey, where one can embrace the discoveries along the way.

The best therapy consists of a bilateral approach: acute (short term) problem solving combined with consistent, long term therapy. Many of my clients make their first appointment because of a specific issue that they are encountering and then remain in therapy to explore what it tells them about who they are and how they see the world.

My practice methodology culls from several different treatment modalities and psychotherapy models. My education in rigorous Talmudic analysis and decisive Jewish law oriented me toward pragmatic rational and cognitive behavioral therapy. I then trained in psychoanalysis at the New Center for Advanced Psychotherapy Studies. I have also been trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in relationship development techniques (Level I certification). I often combine aspects of all of these in my client interaction.

I practice via video, on the phone, and in person.  If you would like to make an in-person or virtual appointment, please click here for the contact form.


I am the Chairman of The Lisning Group, LLC and the Clinical Director of Lisning.com, a  fantastic new text message therapy and coaching portal. Originally, I was resistant to message therapy because I saw it is as superficial, staccato, and impersonal. In my practice, I favor deep, insightful discussions that explore who a person is. Then I thought a lot about it. I noticed that the linchpin of much meaningful psychotherapeutic work is the relationship between a client and his therapist. This is often called the therapeutic alliance. I developed Lisning to bottle the power of that therapeutic alliance and provide access to therapists beyond one’s locale, at a price that was both fair for therapists and very much affordable for clients. Lisning.com provides text message coaching and therapy the way it should be – with openness, honesty, and deep, caring relationships. You can read more about why I am proud of Lisning.com here.

My Teaching and Scholarship

I have composed numerous articles on Jewish law, mental health, and their intersection. My book Yismach Lev (2014, Hebrew) is an analysis of the Talmud and Jewish Laws regarding kosher and prohibited food. It is the product of classes I gave as Rosh Chaburah (instructor) of the postgraduate Chullin Kollel (advanced Talmud study program) at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.  I am also founding and former Rabbi of the Yeshiva Community Shul at Shenk of Washington Heights, New York.

I teach preparatory courses in Jewish Family Law for premarried individuals and consult on matters of Jewish Family Law, sexuality, and the interface between them.  I also designed and coordinated an acclaimed, extensive certification program for rabbis worldwide, Teaching for Healthy Relationships Throughout Marriage, a project of The Center for the Jewish Future of Yeshiva University.

I enjoy lecturing on concepts in Jewish law, psychology, and the nexus of the two. Some of my lectures can be found here.

My Educational Background

I studied in Yeshiva Shaar Hatorah and then graduated Yeshiva University, majoring in Psychology. Subsequently, I was ordained at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and continued post-ordination intensive Talmudic and Jewish legal study in the Wexner Kollel Elyon there, where I concurrently pursued education in psychotherapy and counseling. My Masters is from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. I have postgraduate training with a psychoanalytic orientation from The New Center for Advanced Psychotherapy Studies.

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