Can You Celebrate Your Own Religious Personality?

What does Brachos 17 say about who you are?

Today’s daf (Berachos 17), delineates beautiful, personal prayers that the Amoraim davened at the end of their tefillah. These elaborate requests of the heart describe the struggles of deeply religious people navigating this world and request Divine Providence, assistance and connection.

Did you notice that none of the prayers resemble each other at all? Each one has its own verbiage, foci and imagery.

Why did the Talmud spend the better part of a page repeating these prayers?

The resounding message of the Gemara is that each of the Amoraim had a unique personality.  They were all devout people that shared absolute dedication to the same laws, values, and ideals. Simultaneously, that cadre encouraged personal expression and welcomed different foci on life. Each Amora’s tefilla is unique because each Amora had a different personality, way of seeing life’s vicissitudes, and way of connecting to Hashem.

Can you celebrate your uniqueness while you adhere steadfastly to your religious beliefs?

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